Drink (and Cake!)

Here at Sylvia’s Corner, we use Sweet Bourbon Espresso Blend to create our delicious coffe. The Roast-Master developed this blend to try and maximise on the crema and the natural sweetness of the coffee.

The crema is amazing, notes of toffee, chocolate and almond. Our coffee is roasted by hand. Every single bean, that is sent to your table by our experienced baristas, has the Roast-master seal of approval.

Coffee may be our speciality but there are also other tantalising beverages on offer here at Sylvia’s corner including flavoured herbal tea (including good old English Breakfst tea), freshly queezed orange juice and thick, creamy milkshakes. Oh, and we forgot one thing… CAKE!

Drink and Cake

Coffee and Beverages

Apple Juice £1.70

Small Medium
Cappuccino £2.10 £2.40
Latte £2.10 £2.40
Flat white £2.10 £2.40
Americano £2.00 £2.25
Mocha £2.45 £-.–
Espresso £1.50 £1.90
Espresso Macchiato £1.50 £1.90
Extra shot of coffee, syrup, soya £0.35
Decaffeinated coffee, extra £0.15
Chai latte (vanilla, spice) £2.60
Hot chocolate £2.40
Pot of tea for one £1.55
Herbal tea (green, camomile, mint, fruit) £1.75
London fog-earl grey tea with vanilla and steamed milk £1.95
Breakfast Smoothie with natural yogurt
and honey:
— Strawberry and Banana Smoothie £3.95
— Mixed Berry Smoothie £3.95
“C” Breeze with mixed berry, banana and fresh orange juice £4.15
Green Peace made with fresh apple juice, spinach, avocado, pear £4.35
Vanilla Milkshake £2.95
Strawberry Milkshake £2.95
Chocolate Milkshake £2.95
Iced Coffee
Iced latte espresso served over ice with milk £2.50
Coffee Frappé Single espresso, Frappe mix and milk blended with ice £2.95
Mocha Frappé Single espresso, Frappe mix and milk blended with ice £3.15
Iced Americano Double espresso poured over ice added with cold milk £2.35
Iced Chai latteVanilla or Spice blended with ice £2.95
Iced tea With fresh mint and lemon £2.00
Cranberry Juice £1.70
Limonata, Aranciata £1.55
Qu4ttro Stagioni drinks £1.85
Still, sparkling water, Coke, Diet Coke £1.35

Cakes and Pastries

Check out our daily selection of heavenly cakes, pastries, muffins and cookies in our restauarant and round off your meal with the perfect treat.

Fresh Juice

Skinny Jeans 😉 Pineapple,orange, grapefruit £3.50
Miracle Juice Apple, carrot, beetroot £3.10
Ginger Zinger Carrot, ginger, lemon, apple £3.10
Iron Maiden Cucumber, celery, apple, carrot, lemon, ginger, spinach £3.50
Carrot Juice £2.65
Orange Juice £2.65
Apple Juice £2.60
Earth Mother Apple, pear and spinach £3.50
Cool Down Carrot, orange and apple £3.50

Wines & Beers

White Glass 125ml Glass 175ml Bottle
Pinot Grigio Ca` Luca 2012 £2.75 £4.00 £15.90
Red Glass 125ml Glass 175ml Bottle
Duc de Chapelle Cabernet Merlot 2012 £2.75 £4.00 £15.90
Beer Bottle
Peroni 330ml £3.50
Corona 330ml £3.50